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Kerwin's artistic formation starts in the United States at the Art Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University, where she studied painting and sculpture, and at the Davenport Art Institute where she perfected her watercolor techniques. She graduated from University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages. She moved to Italy in 1965, where she continued her artistic formation at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and later in Reggio Calabria. In Reggio during the seventies and eighties she worked with a group of young artists doing research and experimentation with printing, ceramics and sculpture techniques. In 1989 she studied raku ceramics in various courses held by leading raku artists in various parts of Italy and in Washington, DC. She applied the raku tecnique to her bas-reliefs and sculptures.

Kerwin currently lives in Reggio Calabria where she continues her prolific work in painting, drawing, prints, ceramics, and sculpture. She was awarded numerous government commissioned sculptures and bas-reliefs. These include raku bas-reliefs for the Caserma dei Carabinieri di Modugno (Bari), Nuova Casa Circondariale di Lecce, and Anessa Aula Bunker, and a steel structure for the Caserma dei Carabinieri di Cataforio (Reggio Calabria). She has had several personal ad collective exhibitions in Italy, Canada, Mexico and the United States and has been awarded on numerous occasions for her painting and sculpting. These include:

  • Concorso di Pittura Estemporanea, first prize, Solano 1995
  • Colletiva di Pittura, Milano Nuovo Aleph 1990
  • Collettiva FIDAPA, Cava de' Tirreni 1989
  • Colletiva Capua Direzione Sud, 1988
  • Premio Nazionale di Pittura, first prize, Catona 1987
  • Concorso di Pittura, first prize, Reggio Calabria 1984
  • Colletiva Cal Coop, Reggio Calabria 1982
Kerwin's art has been published in numerous books and magazines (see Press).